Imposter Syndrome - How to Defeat it

Feeling inadequate, like a fraud?  Worried they're just about to find out that you don't know what you're talking about (even though somewhere deep down, you really do!).  Just some of the symptoms of

Creating a Wealth Mindset

Apply what you learn in this book and watch your life change!This book will help you to:Get thinking about your current money mindsetStop your negative thinkingInvolve your family in creating a wealth

5 Steps to Developing an Abundance Mindset

Jesus came to give us a life ABUNDANT!  So why are many still not living in that abundance?  It's yours, you just need to get out of your own way! This snazzy l'il eBook of mine will give you 5 detail

Purpose is Power [Book 1]

This book gives some practical tips, insight and inspiration on how to follow your dreams, so you can live an intentional, purposeful and fulfilling life.  Yes, it can be done! 

Purpose is Power [Book 2]

This is the 2nd book in the series, giving some practical tips, insight and inspiration on how to follow your dreams, so you can live an intentional, purposeful and fulfilling life.  Yes, it can be do

Become the Best Version of Yourself

How to transform your life and reclaim your personal power!This eBook is an interactive workbook that will encourage you to dig deep.You can discover the best version of yourself and transform your li

Let's go Ladies (Stop Thinking, Start Doing)

Change comes from effort. Change comes from taking action. In this book, I’m going to talk about taking action, about being a positive force for change in your life, and about the barriers that keep u

The Little Book of Marriage

Deborah and Mark Stonell, lovers of Christ, coffee and superheroes, have been extraordinarily happy together for a long time, with many people asking them what's their secret! This book shares their p

FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS (How to use mental focus for your success)

IT’S ALL IN THE MIND It’s all in the mind is truer than you think!  Gaining control over your mind can immediately set you up on the pathway to success.  Successful living is not only about your minds

Creative Thinking Cheat Sheet

There are simple things you can do to get out of your creative slump.  Take on board the simple actions in my cheat sheet, learn & use the 3 ifs and watch your creativity soar!

10 Ways to Boost your Creativity

We ALL get in a creativity slump sometimes but we don't have to stay there and some even think they have no creativity!  Use my checklist to magnetise your creativity to you and let's develop and BOOS

Overcoming Fear Workbook

Fear has a habit of rising to the top at the most inconvenient times. Oftentimes the fear irrational and can be overcome with forethought and practice. Use this workbook to help you work through your

Banish your Negative Self-talk

For years, you have unconsciously trained your brain to think negatively about yourself.  At this point, those thoughts come automatically. This workbook is designed to help stop those thoughts and al

Free Yourself of Toxic Relationships to Boost your Confidence

Oftentimes when we hear the term toxic relationship, we think of marriage or significant others. But there are many other types of relationships that can be toxic; parent to child, friend to friend, b

Change your Thinking, Change your Life

The goal for this workbook is to help you open your eyes to how you really feel and to give you a starting point for where you can improve your thought process and confidence. No one else has to see t

Use Gratitude to help you to build your Confidence

This worksheet is meant to help you become more aware of the positive things in your life. When you feel and express gratitude on a daily basis, you will become happier, more energetic and more confid

Achieve your Goals with Confidence

Goals give us something to visualize, to work towards. They help us feel more confident and motivated. They keep us from becoming stagnant in life. This workbook is designed to help you set achievable

Full Year Planner for Better Health and Happiness

Everyone wants to get healthier, but it can be hard to know where to start to avoid becoming overwhelmed and disheartened. This tip sheets planner will help you build a better, healthier lifestyle by

Create your Side-Gig Income Plan in a Weekend

If you’re tired of working for a big boss in a corporate environment where you don’t feel appreciated and want to put your talents to better use in your own business. Now is the time to find a quiet p